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Applying for a New Dental Clinic Licence

Register with ACRA

o Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) Profile

Do note that the licensee can be an individual or an entity (Company / Sole Proprietor / Chartitable Organisation).

Premises Information

o Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)’s Fire Safety Certificate

The details of your premises and take note of the Fire Safety Certificate for your premises.

For Non-medical commercial building

The total gross floor area (GFA) for clinics within a non-medical commercial building will be capped at 3,000sqm or 20% of the total floor area approved for commercial use, whichever is lower.

Write to MOH via to check if your clinic is within the use quantum limits of the non-medical commercial building, and verify if your clinic can be exempted from submitting a planning application to URA.

For Shared premises

If you share a unit address with another entity, it must be physically separated from non-healthcare institutions, i.e. separate entrances.

o Undertaking letter signed by existing and new licensees (Required only when the licence application is due to the change of licensee)

Submit the licence application no later than 2 MONTHS before the intended commencement date.


▪ Submit application.

Licensee Particulars

Applicant / Authorised Person Particulars

The Authorised Person is the person appointed to liaise with MOH on licensing matters. This can be the licensee or an appointed staff member.

MedAlert Responsible Person Particulars

MedAlert Responsible Person is the person appointed to receive the medical alert notifications and circulars issued by MOH.

Manager / Deputy Manager Particulars

Do note that the Manager / Deputy Manager must be a registered medical practitioner / dentist.

Medical clinics which do not have at least one Family Physician registered with the Singapore Medical Council (excluding locums) will not be allowed to have the word “Family” in their clinic name.

You are required to indicate all the services that your clinic provides.

You will need to have a list of all the Doctors and Trained Nurses (only for medical clinics) that will be practising at your clinic. You will need their names, NRIC numbers and Professional Registration numbers.

Making Payment

Do pay licence fees as stated, to complete your application.

Once payment is made, the application process on the applicant’s part is completed.


You will receive an email notification to arrange for a site inspection.

Ensure documents are ready for inspection. (e.g. MOM’s Registration for Pressure Vessels, NEA’s Licence for Irradiating Equipment).

Inspectors may contact you for further clarifications after inspection.


▪ Receive email notification on application status within 5 working days from the date when all licensing requirements are met.

▪ View e-licence on eLis upon approval.


▪ Renew e-licence (on eLis) no later than 2 months from the expiry date.

If you have any questions in relation to the notes above, please contact professionals from Bestar.

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