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Registering a Branch in Singapore

Foreign companies can choose to set up branches in Singapore. A branch of a foreign company must have a locally resident authorized representative. Foreign branches must also comply with the statutory and disclosure requirements of the Companies Law.

Start a new Foreign Company

A foreign company refers to a company, corporation, association or any other institution established outside of Singapore. Foreign companies can conduct business in Singapore by registering as a foreign branch under the Companies Act. The foreign company must have a registered name, at least one local authorized representative [agent] /and a registered office in Singapore.

The first step is to apply for approval of the company name for registration of a foreign company.

Here is some information to help you with the process of Application for New Company Name.

Company Information

Name of Foreign Company in place of incorporation:


Company Activity

Primary Activity:

Secondary Activity:

Officer Details


Identification No./UEN:

Identification Type:

Position Held: Director / Authorized Representative

Category: Individual / Corporate

Date of Appointment:


Date of Birth:

Contact Information

Local Fixed Line No.:

Local Mobile No.:

Email Address:

Residential Address:

Processing Time

The application is usually processed within 15 minutes after the fee is paid.

If the application needs to be forwarded to other agencies for approval or review, it may take 14 days to 2 months. For example, if the intention of the branch of a foreign company is to carry out activities related to the establishment of a private school, the application will be submitted to the Ministry of Education.

This application will take 3 working day(s) to process. However, it may take between 14 days to 60 days if the application needs to be referred to another agency for approval or review.

Entities can start business after they are registered with ACRA.

Registration Fees

Name Application and Registration fee is $315.

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